What We Do

We are experienced litigators, with diverse backgrounds, who work hard, yet efficiently, to achieve results for our clients. Grotefeld Hoffmann handles matters, throughout the United States, including the areas of mass tort litigation, catastrophic loss, products liability, and insurance subrogation.

Insurance Subrogation

We established ourself as a leading subrogation law firm resulting in recoveries and credits totaling millions of dollars on behalf of its clients.

Catastrophic Loss

When dealing with catastrophic events, the question is not “if” such an event will occur, but, rather,“when” such an event will occur. Insurers need to be ever-vigilant so they can immediately respond from a subrogation perspective.

Products Liability

We are sensitive to our clients’ need to maintain ongoing business relations, as well as to protect their brands and corporate reputations at all times.

Mass Tort Litigation

Our attorneys seek leadership positions in multi-party litigation, serving as liaison counsel and leveraging our clients’ interests with those of other similar parties to take advantage of economies of scale and coordinated litigation tactics.

Arson / Fraud

Insurance fraud constitutes an enormous potential profit to criminals and opportunistic thieves. Grotefeld Hoffmann has the experience to help insurers defend themselves against fraudulent claims.

Wildfire Litigation

Wildfires are an increasing threat to life and property and often result in catastrophic losses. While wildfires are a natural part of many ecosystems, in recent years they have grown to be unnaturally large and destructive.

Insurance Coverage

Our attorneys recognize that coverage may exist but disputes may arise regarding how to measure the loss. We work with adjustors, acountants, and others to resolve claims promptly and fairly not only for our clients, but for their insureds.


We have vast experience handling complex, multiparty construction litigation cases but also take pride in developing innovative solutions for avoiding disputes and minimizing clients’ exposure.

Energy Risk

Our knowledge of federal and state regulatory guidelines in the energy industry provides our clients with comprehensive representation at all stages of investigation and litigation.

Premises Liability

Effective representation means understanding the needs, culture, and long-term goals of each client, including the value of their good name and litigation’s economic impact.