Wildfire Litigation

Wildfires are an increasing threat to life and property and often result in catastrophic losses. While wildfires are a natural part of many ecosystems, in recent years they have grown to be unnaturally large and destructive. There are many causes of wildfires and successfully investigating these causes can require multiple disciplines. We have experienced extraordinary success in resolving wildfire cases, by assembling and managing the right expert consultants for the occasion, and by enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions at every turn.  

Grotefeld Hoffmann has been on the forefront of wildfire litigation. Over the past decade, we have served as lead liaison counsel in every successful recovery achieved in major US wildfire cases. Working at the helm of this litigation allows us to increase our client’s recovery time and time again. Our catastrophic wildfire team monitors all ongoing wildfires, working closely with an extensive network of highly qualified and credentialed experts throughout North America, with dozens of varying disciplines relevant to these unique cases. Moreover, our attorneys get “boots on the ground” rapidly and are often the first representatives, of any potential Plaintiff, and in fact, oftentimes before any potential Defendant. As such, our team is in the best position to observe, document and catalogue the actual conditions and evidence, thereby preventing any alteration and spoliation. In several large wildfire cases, our early presence onsite has been critical and correlative to our client’s successful recovery.