Construction and design defect claims are inevitable consequences of both real estate market booms and corrections. Regardless of market climate, experienced legal representation with a deep understanding of your specific business sector within the construction industry is a must.

The attorneys at Grotefeld Hoffmann take pride in developing innovative solutions to advise clients on how to avoid construction defect-related disputes and minimize their potential exposure. We further strive to resolve all disputes from the outset to avert litigation and its associated costs.

Depth of Experience

Our experienced team of attorneys have successfully defended first- and third-party claims against owners, design professionals, developers, contractors, subcontractors and product suppliers in both commercial and residential construction.

We have vast experience handling complex, multiparty construction litigation cases involving design defects, roadway and infrastructure problems, workmanship issues, building material failures, and insurance coverage disputes.

Aggressive Defense

Grotefeld Hoffmann aggressively defends these often-complex construction and design defect claims. We are skilled at handling the inevitable introduction of multiple and conflicting parties, issues related to insufficient or denials of insurance coverage, in addition to managing hundreds of thousands of documents.

Should litigation become necessary, we use our extensive knowledge of the specific and ever-changing jurisdictional statutes governing construction defect claims to provide insight and solutions during each phase of the case. Our attorneys have years of experience in effective settlement negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and successful trial tactics.