Mass Tort Litigation

Grotefeld Hoffmann offers experienced counsel to prosecute and defend manufacturers, distributors, retailers, contractors and developers, and other entities relating to various product defects and other mass tort actions. The firm has a long history of success in the fields of mass tort and multi-party complex litigation, and we are recognized nationally as a leader in this field.

We make sure our clients’ interests remain in the forefront of multi-party cases across the United States. Working with other parties and their counsel to the greatest extent possible, our attorneys seek leadership positions in multi-party litigation, serving as liaison counsel for groups of aligned parties, drafting master pleadings, discovery, and motions with and on behalf of these groups, and generally leveraging our clients’ interests with those of other similarly situated parties to take full advantage of economies of scale and coordinated litigation tactics.

We also help our clients, develop procedures to streamline notice to manufacturers on known product defects, to reduce the chances that spoliation will devalue our clients’ claims, and to maximize the opportunities for recovery without the ever-increasing expenses of litigation.

Product Defects

Grotefeld Hoffmann has extensive experience with mass product defects, from complex issues such as the design of home appliances to more simple products like water supply lines. In all instances, we work with some of the nation’s preeminent experts to provide our clients with the most accurate analysis of their claims and prospects for recovery. We have experience in all manner of consolidated cases from class actions to federal multi-district litigation.

Complex Multi-party Litigation

We routinely handle construction defect and other commercial matters involving dozens of parties. We guide our clients through mass tort litigation in a wide range of substantive areas and provide a full case analysis and action plan tailored to meet our clients’ specific objectives.