Catastrophic Loss

Grotefeld Hoffmann is a nationally recognized leader in catastrophic loss litigation. By utilizing cutting edge technologies and the latest legal thinking, we have successfully resolved the nation’s largest catastrophic loss cases for our clients. When a catastrophic loss event occurs, you need to know that evidence is being preserved and your interests are being protected when it matters most.

We know that successful representation starts long before litigation ensues. That is why we pride ourselves on being the first to have skilled “boots on the ground” for our clients to obtain the information and representation necessary for success. In many instances, our thorough investigation and presentation of evidence has resulted in resolution without litigation.

Skilled Negotiators, Litigators

When the need for litigation does arise, catastrophic loss cases can present unique obstacles and challenges. As a known leader in large, complex cases, we use streamlined and cost-effective case management tools to bring a multitude of parties to the negotiating table, and when necessary, to verdict. In highly complex matters, we are often appointed lead liaison counsel, effectively communicating with the Court on behalf of a multitude of parties and law firms with aligned interests. From start to finish, Grotefeld Hoffmann has the resources and experience to deliver extraordinary results in catastrophic loss cases.

Wildfires: An Emerging Danger

Wildfires are an increasing threat to life and property and often result in catastrophic losses. While wildfires are a natural part of many ecosystems, in recent years they have grown to be unnaturally large and destructive. There are many causes of wildfires and successfully investigating these causes can require multiple disciplines. We have experienced extraordinary success in resolving wildfire cases, by assembling and managing the right expert consultants for the occasion, and by enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions at every turn.