Premises Liability

At Grotefeld Hoffmann, our vast premises liability practice has provided us with extensive experience representing clients in both commercial and residential premises-based liability actions. In our commercial premises liability practice, we have successfully defended national retailers, grocery store chains, shopping mall owners and management companies, fuel stations, hotels, restaurants, recreational and amusement properties, child care centers, school districts, and others. These matters have involved the condition of the premises and alleged defects, allegations of malicious prosecution, false arrest, failure in security measures, liquor liability, and the criminal conduct of third parties.

We take pride in our comprehensive understanding of the businesses we defend and the efficient handling of the resulting litigation. Our aggressive, yet cost-conscious, approach to premises liability actions include early and continual identification of liability exposure and settlement options and dispositive motion posturing from the onset of litigation. We also pursue a thorough, streamlined, and efficient discovery approach based upon our deep familiarity with the business’ policies and procedures, all the way up through trial preparation and execution.

As a special service to our insurance and business clients in this area, we are proud to offer risk control education and seminars. Working in partnership with our clients, our goal is to help them minimize future claims and the impact of such claims on their businesses. We value the opportunity to educate our clients on the law and potential areas of risk.

Department of Human Rights Experience

Grotefeld Hoffmann represents national retailers and other businesses in matters brought before the Department of Human Rights based upon discriminatory actions and/or practices alleged to have taken place on our clients’ premises.

We have successfully defended our clients in a myriad of such actions in this venue, thereby preventing the initiation of a lawsuit. This saves our clients extensive defense and litigation costs.

However, if a lawsuit is filed, we will also defend it. Cases can allege discrimination based on race, gender, age, physical disability, and sexual orientation.

Residential Premises Liability

We handle our residential premises liability matters with the same detailed focus we bring to our commercial premises liability practice. We have defended homeowners in lawsuits brought in connection with slip/trip-and-fall accidents, ice- and snow-related accidents, swimming pool drownings and injuries, dog bite incidents, public nuisance claims, and allegations of assault and battery. When necessary, we consult industry-leading experts to help us develop and execute a strong defense strategy.